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From beginner lessons to advanced training, our expert instructors provide personalized and comprehensive services to ensure you drive with confidence. Your journey to excellence begins here!

  • Computerized K53 Learner Theory Training
  • Code 08 and 10 K53 Learner/Driver Training
  • Defensive Driver Training (1st in Limpopo)
  • Driver training if you fear driving a vehicle due to accidents
  • Refresher Training if you forgot how to drive (1st in Limpopo)
  • Driver’s test assessment to see if you are ready for your test (1st in Limpopo)
  • Train you to park in town (1st in Limpopo)
  • Train you to drive on the freeway (120km/h) (1st in Limpopo)
  • Affordable vehicle hiring for testing

Computerized K53 Learner Training

Code 08 Manual Driver Training

5 Lessons + Car Hire
Price = R1300

10 Lessons + Car Hire
Price = R2100

22 Lessons + Car Hire + Certificate
Price = R3650

Code 10 Manual Driver Training

5 Lessons + Truck Hire
Price = R1450

10 Lessons + Truck Hire
Price = R2300

22 Lessons + Truck Hire + Certificate
Price = R3800

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