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Please email us your learner’s/driver’s license as a PDF file 

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Learner’s license training is done over 2 weeks and should be written and completed within 1 month of signed date.
  2. Driver’s training is done over a 2 months period; any paid for lessons not completed within this time will be lost and there is no refund.
  3. All lessons cancellations not done 24 hours in advance will be charge for unless you produce a doctor’s certificate or reasonable written notice stating the reasons for cancellation.
  4. We will charge you 1 lesson for test cancellation in Polokwane and 1.5 lessons at Mankweng if they cancel your test on the day of your driver’s test. 
  5. The test booking receipt must be submitted immediately to our office to avoid double bookings, failing which will result in you being charged 2 lessons for cancellation of those who already booked their lessons.
  6. All training is over 1 hour per lessons and we do not recommend more than 2 hours per day.
  7. Package training consists of 22 lessons and 2 chances to hire the vehicle for testing in Polokwane.
  8. Package training balance of payment must be paid on or before the 12th lesson or 30 days from the date of registration depending on which comes first.
  9. You can complete the remaining code 10 package lessons after your test with a code vehicle.